Holistic Wellness

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop technique is a powerful modality that combines 100% pure certified therapeutic essential oils dropped like rain, onto the spine, lightly massaged, bringing balance to the body in a non-invasive manner. It stimulates energy impulses throughout the nervous system and entire body. Also helps reduce inflammation , promotes detoxification, immune support, helps with headache and creates an inhospitable environment for the viruses that hibernate along the spinal column.
60 minutes session - $85

Chakra Balancing

There are 7 main Chakras within each living being starting at the base of the spine rising up to top of the head. Each one appears as a vortex that spins. Sometimes these Chakras can become out of balance causing physical symptoms of disease in the body. This can affect you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each session crystals will be placed upon the body along with Chakra essential oils, Tibetan Brass Bowls are also used for balancing each Chakra.  30 minutes session - $45


doTERRA Essential Oils

Zen Day Spa has uses only the doTERRA product.

Essential Oils empower individuals to naturally manage their health and can be personalized to fit the needs of the individual or family. If you have any questions our wellness Director Tabitha would love to speak with you.


We offer free classes to teach anyone interested about the benefits of essential oils. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be provided. If you are interested in hosting a class or participating in one call us at 941-408-9000


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